Campus Studios

We absorb the academic nutrients and other resources to guide many promising campus teams to fulfill their entrepreneurship dreams.

  • Türk Kızları

    Main features in Türk Kızları include professional, funny and diverse Turkish information as well as strictly-inspected, selected and recommended Turkish featuring commodities.

  • MealToo

    A platform to find dining buddies. Stories of strangers dining together create new commercial opportunities and dining culture, hence the future dining trend.

  • WUMA Visual Studio
    The studio undertakes cases of event documentary, wedding documentary and public education videos.  
  • NCCU Entrepreneur Association
    NCCU Entrepreneur Association consists of a group of enthusiastic students who are passionate about starting their own businesses.
  • WOWWOW Technology
    We focus on iBeacon micro-location technology and utilize big data to build an "Intelligent Guidance Platform."
  • Taipei Sailing Center
    Taipei Sailing Center is committed to promote sailing as a sport to general public. They host experience camps for people who have never tried sailing before.

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