Government Subsidy

Woman Entrepreneur Flying Geese Program
The 2014 Woman Entrepreneur Flying Geese Program provides customized and integrated services for female entrepreneurs based on different stages of their startup journey. The program continues to promote woman entrepreneurship by providing incubation classes, accompany guidance, business opportunity exploration, elite model selection, fund raising, network establishment, entrepreneur forum, and foster the disadvantaged services. Based on the concept of "solidify base", "foster growth", and "highlight the elite", the program build a woman friendly entrepreneur environment, starting the trend of female entrepreneurship and raise the competitiveness and economic prowess of women. The program wishes to promote Taiwanese women's startup dreams by fostering female entrepreneurship bright spots.
Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program
The Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program by Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to transform Taiwan into a "global, high added-value manufacturing center" and "industrial innovation center". In order to transform Taiwan's industries from manufacturing to creative innovation, educational research, and service-based high knowledge content industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs encourages domestic companies to establish research centers. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the core energy of Taiwanese enterprises and shift their competitive advantage from manufacturing factories to enterprise research centers.
There are a couple obstacles the small to middle companies need to cross when productizing their technology and integrating business resources. First, companies need to improve their ability to integrate applied technology.
Innovative Technology Applications and Services Program
This program encourages enterprises to plan and develop applications and services that are innovative, exemplary, common, integrative, and full of technological content. Promoting multi-dimensional innovative operation models to further bring new business opportunities for the industry. In order to achieve this, other than encouraging enterprises to create innovative applications and services, the program also pushes forward thematic industrial policies. Enterprises are encouraged to provide innovative services and business models based on industrial, social, and life needs to further induce the growth of service oriented production industry, integration of production and service, innovative services, and technological service industry.
Small Business Innovation Research
This program by the Ministry of Economic Affairs aims at promoting small and middle sized companies to improve their technologies and new product innovation. Based on the "Industry innovation and guidance act" by MOEA, the Ministry of Economic Affairs hope to help the small and middle sized companies to innovate and accelerate the improvement of competitive advantages of those companies in order to face real world challenges.
Taipei City Local SBIR
National Development Fund - Business Angel Network Program
Service Industry Innovation Industry
The goal of this program is to encourage companies to innovate by providing development fund. This program leads companies to develop new service products, business model, marketing strategies, and business applications. This way, the companies will control the core technology, raise its added values, and create business advantages.