Services Provided

IIC provides various services, including guidance, working space, hardware and software resources, and partner matching. Over the years, IIC has fostered many successful and outstanding startup groups. Service details and events will be published soon. Please pay attention to website news.

Consultant Service

IIC invites managers and entrepreneurs who are expert in the area of innovation and starting up business and alumni of NCCU EMBA to be mentors of IIC members. The mentors provide guidance and suggestions for all your need as a new startup group. We also host events such as inviting mentors for speeches to share current industry trends and practical experiences.(More information

Software and Hardware

Online Exposure IIC website has introductions of participating startup groups, also has related links and fans page.
Hiring Information Post internship/part time hiring position.
Incubation and knowledge enrichment activities. Expert speeches, seminars, new participant training camp, and creativity contests
Professional Services Refer financial, legal, and accounting services. Check room availability here.
Meeting rooms Meeting rooms free of charge, limit to 2 hours per use. Please sign up online.Check room availability here.
Interaction area In the form of a coffee shop, there is interaction area for participants to discuss business, relax, and interact with each other. There is projector, refrigerator and microwave for hosting activities.
Facilities Service Faculty discount for facilities rental.
Library/Online Database Usage According to NCCU Library Regulations (國立政治大學圖書館校外人士服務管理辦法) ,partial access is granted for non-NCCU persons (50 NT per hour)
Office Facilities (With Charge) Printers, Copy Machine, Portable Projectors, Portable Stereo Set, Microphone.
(Free) Laminator, Paper Cutter, Paper Shredder, Fax Machine, Scanner.
Mailing Room Mail/Package Reception Service.
Internet Wired and wireless network provided.
Academic Network Regulations apply.
Air Conditioning IEH Public area: Centralized air conditioning. Personal working area: separated air conditioning (electricity not covered).
Parking Car: Follow NCCU Regulations./Motorcycles: Not provided. Application and Fee Details.