First Step for Innovation and Startup: The Research and Innovation and Incubation Center Sets up a Resource Platform

In order to speed up and power up in-campus research and provide the faculties and students with space for innovation and inspirations, the Research and Innovation and Incubation Center (RIIC, 研究暨創新育成總中心) located in the uphill area of campus (山上校區) was officially launched on March 2nd, 2015. Yu-li Liu (劉幼琍), Dean of Office of Research and Development, had expressed her expectations on the collection of more resources for innovations and startups, hence on the platform for creativity, innovation, and startup education.


As Dean Liu stated, the RIIC mainly contains four elements of “researching, teaching, International Entrepreneurship Hub (IEH), and startup funding”. There are many university-level research centers in the RIIC. The innovative teaching courses are also encouraged In the RIIC. “The RIIC is merely the first step for NCCU, not the final step.” said by Rua-Huan Tsaih (蔡瑞煌), Vice Dean of Office of Research and Development. The RIIC focuses on providing students with space for innovative thinking and on encouraging interactions between research centers and students. Hence NCCU students can get the spirit that “a startup shall consist of both innovative thoughts and practical values”.